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Why you should have started building your small business’ online presence like yesterday

An internet presence is important for all businesses, whether they are merchants or service providers, B2B or B2C companies, or serve local or global customers. Your internet presence extends into your website, digital advertising, social media interaction, and more. A good online presence is so potent that if your company does not have it, it’s like the business doesn’t exist. 

From a business perspective, it seems crazy to be preaching the virtues of digital marketing and online interactions going into 2015, but many small businesses are still resisting the technological present (it ain’t the future anymore, folks). Below are the four cardinal benefits of taking your small business online.


More than six billion people across the world are online so it’s clear that the internet is a good platform to market both B2B and B2C companies. Digital marketing dramatically increases a company’s public exposure, especially with social media. Social networking allows business to interact directly with target markets and create a dialog.


Social media lets your business connect with clients in a way that would not be possible otherwise. In addition to letting you advertise directly to your customer base, a social media presence helps you create a conversation with your customers and clients. The conversation is not only about your business, but also topics of interest in your field, in order to be an authority in the market place. Marketing strategists know that customers that are more educated on the subject will buy more than confused ones.

Customer service

Businesses have to go the next step with service. You have made sure to extend excellent customer service in every facet of your business, from when a customer walks through your doors or a client calls you up. The internet is no different. It’s not only a platform to market your business, but also a place for customers to come for help, information, and to reach you. It’s important to see your internet presence as another opportunity to make things better and easier for your customers. 


Your site can also add a revenue stream to your business, and no one can argue with that. Merchants and service providers can process payments via secure portals on their sites. This is the ultimate way for B2B and B2C companies to leverage an internet presence because it provides an easy and readily available purchasing platform. Do your research and look into hidden fees, contracts, and security when choosing a payment processor

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