Why You Need A Business Broker

Planning to buy or sell a small or mid-size business calls for a business broker. You may have industry connections and believe that you can go about this on your own, but the reality is that you do not have necessary knowledge and experience, let alone the time, to successfully complete this type of transaction. A business owner’s top complaint is that they never have enough time and are too busy - you want to add buying and selling a company to that? Distracting yourself now can lead to long-term consequences if performance drops leading up to a sale. 

Future commodity brokers are experts on commodity trading and, depending on what you do for a living, are more knowledgeable on this subject. Likewise, business brokers are professionals that have built a career buying and selling businesses. Working with a broker is the way to maximize what you earn on a sale and gives you access to a team comprised of a business broker, a skilled attorney, a staff of CPAs, and other professionals.

A business broker is not a salesman, but rather a business expert. Brokers provide you with detailed advice and insight on valuation, marketing, prospecting, and negotiating. You will learn how to make your business more saleable, more attractive to a potential buyer.

It may be difficult to relinquish control to a broker, but your emotional investment in your company is exactly why you, as the owner, are suitable to broker your own deal. They are trained negotiators that are not vulnerable to the effect of personal emotions.

If you have been considering selling your business or buying one, have a talk with a broker before you make any decisions. In addition to helping you decide how to sell your company, a business broker can review the market with you and pinpoint when to sell. 

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