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Top SEO News: Week of Jan 5-9


Google Receives 345 Million Removal Requests, Up 75% from 2013
The latest updates to Google's "thin link" and anti-piracy filters have resulted in a bumper crop of link removal requests. In a recent article from Torrent Freak, the majority of the requests centered around four file-sharing sites known to store pirated content.

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Yahoo Sees Highest Search Engine Market Share Since 2009
Good news for Yahoo as it share of the search engine market rises to 10.4% for December up from 8.6% the previous month. Mozilla decided to add Yahoo as the default search engine to its Firefox browser earlier this Year. Yahoo continues to be in third behind Microsoft's Bing, Google is still the majority shareholder of market with 75.2 percent of US search traffic.

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Yahoo Losing Some Firefox Users To Google
Despite being the default search engine in Firefox 34, users are gradually drifting back to Google. Yahoo saw an a marked increase in their market share but those gains appear to short lived.

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Coding Error Temporarily Takes Down Yahoo and Bing Search Engines
Last Friday saw Bing and Yahoo search engines go black for about 4 hours, with service interruptions lasting for most of the last weekend. Microsoft, whose Bing engine also supplies search results for Yahoo, have stated that the service outage was the result some bad code in its recent update, and not from any external cyber attack.

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Google Adds In Depth Viewability Reporting to YouTube's Ad Platform As Broadcasters Sign On To Google Partner Select
This week the CES convention in Las Vegas, Google Vice President of Video & Display Advertising announced new reporting tools for advertisers running video ads that will help them determine if the ads are actually being seen by viewers

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