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Made "cool" by Silicon Valley, it's basically a way to rapidly grow your business by using inbound marketing.
This approach has some obvious benefits, but comes at a hefty price. It takes time to build trust, and most people will give you their trust if your product or service gives them what they want.
But, in order to get those people to trust you, they first have to hear about your offering, and then feel compelled 
enough to take the desired actions to get your offering into their hands.
Here's a secret that Google won't tell you. It doesn't take years or even months to earn trust. Perhaps the best example of this is the dollar shave club. By now, you've probably seen the video and maybe heard some ads on the local radio. That video went viral and in doing so, was able to overcome the traditional time it takes to establish a brand. Let's not kid ourselves and think that everyone who tries to do this will have success. 
But, through the power of growth hacking, there are ways to accelerate this process and get your product or service on the map.
Many entrepreneurs are willing to put the long hours in to make the business work. But why do so many rely on traditional marketing firms to promote their offerings?
Because someone else told them to do it.
Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely a place for the traditional marketing methods. But today's shopper isn't influenced by billboard ads and a TV spot. With so many options to consume content, you need to be everywhere at once.
How can you accomplish that with a traditional marketing firm? The answer is, you can't. The new provider to the startup entrepreneur is someone that can get your product on popular sites. Mentioned by influential bloggers in the industry you are targeting, and provides a strategy for all the various ways people consume content on the web.
There is nothing better than experiencing the brand through your offering. If you make that something exceptional, you will have no problems exploding onto the market and taking in all those ready to consume your offerings.
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