Entrepreneuriology: the study of entrepreneurship. This is the new term MeetAdvisors coined after our compelling interview with author and entrepreneurial specialist Joe Abraham. Entrepreneurial DNAis the title of his book, which seeks to reinvent the manner in which entrepreneurs function based on his findings about their inherent strengths, weaknesses, and dispositions.

Using the BOSI system, which distinguishes entrepreneurs based on subcategories of Business,Opportunist,Specialist, and Innovator, he hopes to refute the one-size-fits-all claim that entrepreneurs need to do X, Y, and Z in order to achieve results. Rather, the blueprint of a successful startup should be tailored to fit the company’s specific needs. Abraham asserts the effectualness of the BOSI system particularly in regards to the recruitment method. When new members join a startup, it is critical the cogs in the wheel complement one another to maximize productivity. This is obvious for any company, regardless of size—the human resource department doesn’t set foot in the accounting department’s territory.

Abraham believes the BOSI framework will help alleviate frustrations for entrepreneurs who try to tackle things that don’t jive with their level of expertise or, more importantly, their innate wiring. It offers a technique for entrepreneurs to understand and thus tweak their strategies accordingly. Although we are in no position to confirm or deny his hypothesis, we are certainly intrigued by what he believes to be a breakthrough in the understanding of entrepreneurialism.

Below is a link to the BOSI survey—give it a whirl and find out what kind of entrepreneur you are! We’d also like to hear your feedback about the survey. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.


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