Enter the era where aesthetics meet functionality.

DIRTT taps into the trend of environmental sustainability while emphasizing the benefits of sleekness and innovation. It has successfully revolutionized the model of mass-construction by eradicating notions of drab, dreary work spaces in favor of maximizing visual appeal, minimizing environmental footprints, and promoting an environment of creativity and productivity.

DIRTT incorporates its multidimensional glass panels into nearly every aspect of construction, recalibrating the materials for a variety of uses (windows, doors, floors etc.). The cause, however, is a refreshing departure from the cookie-cutter construction model. DIRTT offers the sexiness and chicness of which traditional business environments are typically devoid. The result is a sleek, breathable space that synthesizes au-currant standards of design with the contemporary ideologies to match. Its funky name, an acronym for “Doing it Right This Time,” further attests to the company’s mission of re-evaluating and reconstructing (no pun intended) the present and future of interior construction.

In addition to providing a multipurpose product, DIRTT has deemed its stunning River North showroom the visual centerpiece of the operation (see pictures below and you have to see it to believe it! We did!). It showcases the possibilities of the product while inviting clients and members of the community to function within and experience first-hand the transcendent nature of the space.

DIRTT is your total 'Office Environmental Solution"  with fully integrated  construction which includes power, data, floors and millwork.  To experience the zen like office space  that transcends time,  please contact: 

 Chicago DIRTT Learning Center

        325 North Wells St. (East Side of the Mart)






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