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3 Ways to Streamline Internal Communication to Improve Customer Service

As many business owners know, communicating with their employees can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While managers and owners definitely want to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest company news, policies, updates, scheduling and more, they don’t want to overload them with so many emails and meetings that everyone ends up feeling bogged down and confused. In addition, the more time that the team of workers takes reading and replying to emails and trying to keep tabs on internal communication will take valuable time away from customer service.

In order to make sure that employees are still getting the information they need from their supervisors—but in a way that will not bog them down—the following tips should be considered:

Establish a Clear and Consistent Set of Communication Methods

As ROI Communication explains, when a large group of call center employees felt that the “information overload” they were exposed to on a daily basis from their supervisors negatively impacted their ability to help their customers, the company looked to ways that it could streamline communication.

One way that it did this was to develop a set number of ways to deliver information to the team of employees—this included a regular email newsletter, messaging boards that were regularly updated, and casual lunch meetings. Knowing that they would receive important information in very specific ways—and on certain dates—helped the employees feel as if they were getting the necessary updates from their supervisors, but not in an overloaded way.

Utilize Technology

One of the most frustrating experiences for customers is being transferred from person to person before finally reaching someone who can help them with their order or problem.

In order to make sure that the customer service team is assisting clients as quickly and efficiently as possible, company owners can use a cloud call center software program like Zipwire, which features skill-based routing of calls. By knowing who should answer which type of phone call, there will be a decrease in transferring of customers from employee to employee and an increase in client satisfaction.

Another effective tool for streamlining internal communication is called Wrike. The online project management interface is ideal for the times when many people are collaborating on one task and they need a place to upload their work, share and view files, check on project revisions and much more. Instead of relying on dozens of emails with cumbersome attachments and endless meetings, Wrike will allow people to work from one spot, which will free up time to work with customers.

Keep the Office Door Open

As Small Business Computing notes, one of the best ways that business owners can improve internal communication doesn’t rely on technology or long meetings, but rather a good, old-fashioned open door policy.

Employees can be told that if their CEO’s office door is open, he or she is ready, willing and able to chat about whatever issue has come up. This policy is very effective at putting out small fires as they come up, rather than waiting for the next meeting. By knowing that they can talk to their boss whenever they need help or to help clarify a situation or problem, employees will be able to focus more of their time on customer service.

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